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Unexplored Florence:

paths out of the ordinary

Firenze Inesplorata was created to remind visitors that Florence is more than just a couple of well known streets and three central squares. Our whole city is rich with history and culture, much of which can be found a little further afield, hidden in the hills that are literally on our doorstep. Your path to their discovery will take you along charming streets and countryside roads which will reward you with some of Florence’s most breathtaking, panoramic look outs.

A journey a little ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, which will satisfy your cultural curiosity, which acknowledges your respect for the city and its heritage, and if you are not already a fan, we hope will give a newfound taste for urban exploration. All of this will be seasoned with the wonderful stories of bygone eras and historical characters shared by your guide.


The Firenze Inesplorata urban walking tour lasts approximately 4 hours and includes a portion of uphill walking (elevation 150m). The pace of the tour is relaxed and hence suitable for everyone with an average fitness. Difficulty: low.

  • Departure from Ponte Vecchio
  • First stop: The San Niccolo Tower and the historic city walls
  • Second stop: The ramps and Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence as the capital city
  • Third stop: The Basilica of San Miniato, the first martyr of the Florence
  • Fourth stop: The hills and Arcetri, a tribute to Galileo
  • Fifth stop: The Fort of Belvedere, the fortress of the Medici Family
  • And lastly, The Bardini Villa, Galileo’s House and one of Florence’s most picturesque streets


Our walking tour is aimed at those of you who are looking for new experiences. In particular, experiences that respect the environment around you. It is designed for those of you who seek to understand the city beyond the frenzy of conventional tourism and for those of you who enjoy exploring by foot, in the open air.

Firenze Inesplorata (Florence Unexplored) is equally appealing to visitors that want to explore at a relaxed pace, removed from the hectic, overcrowded city sights as it is to locals who wish to rediscover the city’s secrets and forgotten corners.


Firenze Inesporata will tell you the story of the city via its colorful characters, amusing anecdotes, its curiosites rarely explained and most of all through the discovery of its hidden corners that are unknown, untouched and unexplored by the masses.


The tour will be conducted with strict adherence to the protocols put in place for the security of participants during the Covid-19 emergency. Masks will be obligatory, sanitizing hand gel will be available, and participants will have their temperature checked before the start of the tour. 

Beyond these standard measures, Firenze Inesplorata will provide all participants with radio headsets (that have been disinfected) which will allow for adequate social distancing during the tour without missing any of the tour guide’s information or explanations.

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